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We will GIVE you the book Values-Based Financial Planning™ FREE when you schedule a NO OBLIGATION 15-20 minute telephone consultation to discuss how the concepts in this book could have an impact on your future!

Values-Based Financial Planning written by Bill Bachrach is a book we define here at Jamison & Associates as a “must read” if you are serious about making smart choices about your money.

As you read the book, you will:

  • Define and clarify your values related to money and life.
  • Create a unified vision and goals for your life and learn how to align your money choices.
  • Reduce or eliminate conflicts about money.
  • Build your own Financial Road Map® to use as the guide and foundation for all your financial choices for the rest of your life.
  • Experience the Quality of Life Enhancer exercise.
  • Find out what Financial Professionals look for in a client.
  • Learn how to weed out the financial product salespeople and find a true Trusted Advisor.
  • Decide once and for all whether you should do your financial planning yourself, collaborate with a financial professional, or choose to delegate to a financial professional those tasks which will free you up to spend your time living LIFE.

We are honored, and quite serious, about the opportunity we have to help improve the quality of life for our family of clients and the people who are important to them. We believe that Values-Based Financial Planning™ can have a significant impact on your financial life.

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